Feria Internacional de la Máquina Herramienta y Tecnologías para la Producción | Mayo 2021 | Tecnópolis

Half of the space was allocated during a ceremony in which entrepreneurs of the sector attended.

More than 100 entrepreneurs of the productive industry attended the ceremony of space allocation for the FIMAQH 2020 Edition (International Trade Fair for Machine Tools, Capital Goods and Services for Production)

The show is always an inflection moment of the productive investments of our country, therefore the start up of a new edition of this industrial mega event is observed with expectations not only by the government but also for the private sector.

The organization of this new edition is in the hands of the chambers and associations of the sector (AAFMHA, CARMAHE and CAFHIM) that showed expectations of industry growth for next year, and this also shared with other companies: “The quantity of anticipating booking for the FIMAQH2020 is an example that entrepreneurs of the sector are positive and, consequently, they invest”, said the vice president of CARMAHE, Luis Lewin.

FIMAQH 2020 shall be carried out from May 12th to 16th, 2020 in Technopolis premises.

Allocations shall be made directly by order of bookings and companies interested shall email to: info@fimaqh.com