Feria Internacional de la Máquina Herramienta y Tecnologías para la Producción - 12 al 16 de mayo de 2020 – Tecnópolis

FIMAQH is a unique scenario where small and medium-sized national companies share knowledge and business space with the world’s leading brands.

FIMAQH, which was declared of NATIONAL INTEREST, has the particularity of being an event of international excellence that allows an unparalleled scenario for SMEs, because they share display with large national and international companies. Here some exhibiting companies put voice to the expectations about the mega industrial event.

Diego Gregorat, from OSHMA SRL, dedicated to the provision of equipment and supplies for the Quality Control of companies, maintains that “FIMAQH allows the client to see all the possibilities offered by the market in one place and this allows him to make an analysis and choose the best proposal according to his need “.

For his part, Maximiliano Bunse from Atlas Copco Argentina SACI, dedicated to the sale of air compressors, industrial gas generators and vacuum pumps, maintains that the event allows them to approach the public that really interests the company, allowing them to optimize their possibilities of sale the local market.

In the same line, for INSERTOOLS S.R.L., dedicated to the sale of Metal Cutting Machines to Sierra Cinta, “the diversity of companies achieves greater concurrence of visitors and generates new business possibilities”.

For Nicolás Berenfeld from Trideo, FIMAQH 2018 is an “incredible opportunity for an SME like us to show what we do in 3D printing. Due to the diversity of exhibitors and visitors to the event, we are sure that we have much to gain and learn. Not only us, but each of the companies interested in optimizing their production processes “.

One of the peculiarities of FIMAQH is to turn competition into a value for companies, so Aldo Difederico from AMS Advance Machine System, national company that offers the local market equipment and supplies for quality, manufacturing and 3D printing of leading brands in the world, sustains that “FIMAQH offers a unique opportunity to incorporate high technology into the local market with international brands as each company needs to optimize their production processes”.

The event also includes companies such as SIEMENS who add that “FIMAQH offers us the space to present the technological innovations of an immense portfolio, promoting digitization in the fourth Industrial Revolution of which we are part”, according to Pablo Fornillo.

FIMAQH is a unique space also for companies from the interior of the country, which achieve a level of exposure to the world. So CENA SRL, established in San Francisco, Córdoba, dedicated to the commercialization of machine tools, stresses that “it is a great space for the growth of our company because it is a window to the Argentine Industrial and Latin American market, strengthening links between small companies, large companies and customers”.

Fair events are a moment of great importance for industrial companies. The realization of FIMAQH in Buenos Aires places our country among the leading companies in the world that carry out events of these characteristics, allowing medium and small companies to participate in a fair of international stature.

Andrea Naveira, from KAESER Compressors of Argentina SRL, dedicated to the supply and maintenance of compressed air systems, sums it up: “FIMAQH is an opportunity for exploration, knowledge and expansion”. While Marcelo Acciuolo of CIMHSA – also dedicated to the sale of machine tools – adds that FIMAQH “is the best place to show our work”.

Three months before the realization of the industrial mega event, the companies maintain that FIMAQH will generate an important boost in its sales levels. The decision to participate in the fair is in itself an important fact of how the industry is and how it is projected, and the levels of business that are carried out there will be the thermometer of the decision to invest and produce in our country.

In 2016 edition, the event generated productive investments of 100 million dollars, which resulted in a turning point in the incorporation of new technologies into production processes.

The demand for spaces to exhibit in this new edition demonstrates to the organizers the positive expectations that industrialists have. This edition is 20% larger in surface and number of exhibitors than the previous one.

From 15 to 19 of May in Tecnópolis, the productive industry will have its own thermometer.

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